here is a slideshow of bronze casting with my father and grandfather. they were both instrumental in the building of the blast furnace which, though easy in theory, was very complex in practice.

i only think it was so difficult to get working, because we were so worried about blowing each other up.

something about having gas whistling out of a 1/4 inch hole, fed with enough forced air to knock down a child and then asking each other who wants to light it…

god bless my family, i don’t think i could have struck the first match without them.


wax is lost…

…art is found

As an artist whose goal is to subtly represent the reality of the world around me through analogy, metaphor and perspiration, it thrills me that the process I use is in its essence an analogy for overcoming material limitations, for transforming. The bronze casting process I use is called the lost wax method. In this process a wax sculpture is put into a mold, the wax is melted out and the void is then filled with liquid bronze.

In the hollow of what is lost, art is found.

In a similar vein, heat itself is a metaphor for transformation as heat and flame can be used to purify, strengthen and unify. Tempering metal makes it harder and melting it draws the impurities to the top where they can be removed. The arc of a flame can be used to weld, to join many disparate pieces of metal into an organized whole.

I attempt to harness these metaphor rich processes to create art that reflects upon experiences, events, and moments that allow us to transcend ourselves. By making these moments manifest and removed from time, it is my hope that we can see ourselves and our actions in them and carry on with lighter hearts.

it takes a family

the process

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